Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Anniversare!

Henny and I have been in love for 24 years today about Midnight tonight! We have been living together for 23 years and 46 weeks of those 24 years and married for 17 of them.
I chose the best anniversary card for him with 2 chooks on the front. it is a Klimt painting. I wrote my own caption and said 'I am glad you are the rooster in my chookyard!' I really am your basic romantic! I did have two other captions...'I love you Henny Penny' and the other was...'You are a top cock' ( I only thought this one and didn't write it 'cause as we know after the 'f' word incident with Ginny that some people may have taken it the wrong way.
We have had some great news The Princess and the Gas Man have had their baby boy at 6.45pm last night he is 8.3 pounds or 3.8 kilograms and it 56cm long. They are very tall so I wouldn't have expected anything less. I am off to see him at 5pm today...can't wait. Scarpetta has already dropped off a pressie because that it how organised she is!
Well i always get soooooooooooo excited about New Year, not sure why but I guess because it is the beginning of perhaps the unknown.
Anyway as this new year rolls out, my hope for you and all of those you love is... that each day is filled with many rich blessings for you. That your eyes are always opened to the wonder that fills each new day. We really ARE blessed people! No matter how you look at it, we really have so much going for us all, especially as free people living in this most blessed country. We have so many choices ahead of us.
In 2009 let us live in love and joy and beauty and friendship and awe and wonder and delight in the extraordinary that is a part of our ordinary and keep celebrating the wondrous peace that fills our hope-filled lives.

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