Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25

Well it is the day before Australia Day and we should be doing something really really exciting...but we aren't!
I am bored and when I am bored I am naughty and destructive!
I could be painting the hallway...I love painting walls...but Henny Penny won't let me
I could be watching a movie...but No 1 Son is hogging the tele with his x box
I could be walking...but it is too too hot
I could be writing a grocery list...but I am too lazy...actually I may just go and do that
I could be playing my husband in scrabble but I get very competitive and just cannot bear to lose so I put down words just to hog the triple word score (not even good words)

I love my friends Friday favorites so to help myself get a little positive towards the coming week I am making a list of things I am grateful for.

I love that I was selected to put in a proposal to write a marketing and communications plan for the Australian Orangutan Project. Even if they don't choose my plan I am glad I was invited to submit.
I love my friends. I have a few and they are all exceptional people.
I love Ginny for her love of life! She is an inspiration for me. I have watched her allow her children to grow, blossom and develop and she revels in their company. It is a blessing to be around her and her energy filled delightful family.
I love my friend Crafty 'cause she is just so clever she can do anything and she empowers others to do the same.
I love my friend Scarpetta cause she is wise, flamboyant and always cries in movies
I love my friend Busy 'cause she never sits down and just works really hard for her family - cooking, cleaning, activities and she does it never grudgingly
I really admire a special girl called Del 'cause she is really gentle and it comes across in her blog and I especially love it that she loves her husband soooooooooo much. It is very cute.
I also admire one of Ginny's Girls Kirsty 'cause she is soooooo full of life fitting in so much while busy with a job and three small children. It is really exciting seeing young people with old fashioned values, seeking out simple fun...she too loves her husband soooooooooooo much it is inspiring!
I think I am really missing that time of life when although life was really busy with small kids we managed to pack so much in. Now that we work full time, it seems to take all your energy just to cook, clean without any added extras.
This year...even though I have 2 1/2 jobs for the first part of the year I am going to adopt some of those younger girls energy for projects and do stuff!
Did I mention Henny got into University to study art - primarily glass but I really hope he does painting as well ( it is easier to give a painting for a present than another piece of glass and our walls are bereft of art). So three students in our family and one full time worker (me)
The year ahead is exciting. 2009 is The Year Of Astronomy...I think shooting for the stars this year is my motto.
All the best to those losing day at a time. One good food choise at a time and we may just get there this year!