Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday Faves

Now, I have been following my friends Friday Faves for weeks now and I did notice that their Friday Faves were late this week and I kept looking and had crept up on me. Their simple idea of finding 5 things that were adding joy and happiness and then blogging them is something I look forward to. I missed them when they weren't there.
Nb. They have since appeared.
How delightful to know what brings your friends joy and happiness and that a glass of iced water or a phone call from a Son who lives close by becomes a highlight.
Life is indeed grand!
I am reading this lovely Advent reflection guide. It is so good!
In one of the first reflections we read ' Feeling at home for Christmas is difficult if we don't feel home in life. Life turns out to be much more complex and challenging than we expect: illness and accidents, failures and broken hearts. Making it worse we may think something is wrong with us, as if life shouldn't be this way.'
Then it goes on to compare the differences between the Nativity stories in the two Gospels. Luke's version is the bright side of the story - singing angels, kneeling shepherds, the donkey and the ox. Matthew's Gospel is the adult version fraught with difficulty and danger, vulnerability and flight.
In this busy season, as we prepare singing 'Silent Night Holy Night All is Calm All is Bright' we can also be comforted in knowing that there is consolation for us in the two tellings of the gospel story. This original story relates to us where we are right now. A child is always a blessing! But we know sometimes the beginnings are not always so grand and so bright. Careful planning goes awry... it is our challenge to look and find the joy in the moment.
I am going to keep looking to find Friday Faves ( it is a nice surprise when they arrive early)

Christmas statistics
fruit mince pies 2
melting moment 1
choc coated almonds 6
exercise 0
I really must eat some vegetables

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