Sunday, December 7, 2008

At Home in Life As It Is

When the idea of keeping a blog first came (thanks to Ginny) my plan was to keep a journal of my journey to being me. Maybe what I first forgot was that I am already me even with the bits I don't like.
After being someone's partner for 24 years on the 31 Dec, I felt I was losing a bit of myself. While my family are away (They are on a huge adventure 3 weeks in Italy - Just the boys...oh a one hanger one)I am going to do a bit of looking for me. I think sometimes I am very lazy and choose the path of least resistance. This is not good!
Today is the day! Discipline and a sunny outlook with a forward heading direction. I CAN make the difference in my own life! And walk up a hill (see already I am saying "Do I have to?", "Can't I just drive there?")
I actually do like being me, so that is a beginning. I was talking to the Princess yesterday, her and the Gas Man are having a baby very shortly (like in 2 weeks). Poor Princess was a bit distraught at leaving her job in the hands of someone else. The fact that they would do it their own way and maybe even do it a bit better than her. "But" I said "They may do your job more efficiently but they simply are not you!". When you think about it, when people love or like us they are looking for the good not the faults. isn't that nice...we are looking for the good!
It's Christmas!
I am so going Christmas shopping this afternoon.


Kirsty said...

I don't even have to look for the good in you..its right are ALL good!!!!

foxylady said...

coe on Donna letting the team down