Sunday, March 1, 2009

MMM this year is just streaking by. A minute ago it feels like it was September and all the Christmas stuff was in the shops, a black man as President seemed like wishful thinking and there were jobs everywhere and we didn't have Global Financial Crisis. How soon it all changes.

A friend of mine wrote recently she 'loves that everything doesn't have to be perfect to have a great day'. WOW this is earth shatteringly brilliant. Yes we do not always have the most perfect lives...who does?

There is joy in the moment. This is always important to me and yet I forget it so easily. I become distracted by the imperfection, the dust build up from lack of vacuming... even lost in it...but then a friend, an angel, or a co-incidence happens that draws me back to that place when happiness resides...the moment.

Life is grand! Shit happens but then we have friends, family and joyous moments. I am busy marketing the Canberra International Music Festival at the moment., I know absolutely nothing about music except that I like stuff from the '80's and here I am working with quite amazing people who sacrifice a lot for their art, their passion. it inspires me. Who knows I may even come to appreciate somehting without a heavy guitar riff in the background...I am developing a passion for the cello.

I am really excited, I have some very busy months coming up...working 2 jobs, hosting a 21st, trying to stick to a diet, maybe even change my life a little. Most people I know have a very busy year full of life chagning events and opportunites. it all starts with living and finding joy in the moment.

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